Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday, what a day

Lovely weather out there, if a bit too cold. Any time it is this close to freezing I think fond thoughts of warmer climes.

Breakfasted at O/8 in Bellevue. They have a highly recommended breakfast buffet, but I must admit some disappointment. Slim selection and a fairly run-of-the-mill menu for such a location. The price was not bad for being Bellevue, but aside from that the only real benefit was it was some place different.

Shopped a bit at The Container Store. Think Storables on steroids. Actually found a few things that have been on the list.

Finished up errands and ended up at the Bellevue Trader Joe's. They had the Pork Chili Verde that was advertised in this months rag. The University District one did not. Have to cook up the pork this week and see what I think.

Must also track down more of their marinaded lemon pepper chicken. That was fantastic, and serves three.

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