Monday, November 12, 2007

Blessed Silence

Ah, blessed silence, what a joy.
With the move to the new building here at work, we had all of our test gear moved into the lab. This means that cube land no longer has the roar of fans and hum of electronics. The down side of that is being able to hear your coworkers conversations two rows away.

Over the weekend I found a very inexpensive set of over-the-ear headphones. You know, the ones that look retro because smalled is better. These are not noise canceling or anything expensive but that do work just like a set of safety headsets in reducing the background noise to a tolerable level.

The noises that I am trying to reduce are:
the clatter of keyboards
people talking on the phone to customers
people having hallway conversations right at the end of the row
street noise from the traffic outside

I will give the cheap Koss headphones a double plus good rating for making the day much more pleasant.

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